Our Process

Pressure Washing Grey Mildew


If your deck is weathered grey’ so to speak, we typically will spray a cleaner on the deck or fence then pressure wash. If the wood has a previous finish that has not failed we would recommend simply washing with pressure then applying another coat of previous product. 

Failed products.


If the previous coating has failed we generally spray or “paint on by hand” a stain stripper then pressure wash. This process may need to be repeated to remove as much old finish as possible. 

Pressure washing felting

The pressure washing and especially the stripping process may leave the wood fuzzy. We call it felting. We would then need to sand or power brush those spots to ensure a nice surface to apply our recommended Boodge product.

We protect everything

We do our best to cover everything during our processes. We will be gentle and thoughtful.

Refinish the Underside

Fungus can grow on the underside of your deck. We recommend refinishing the underside as well if possible.

Deck Painted ?

 If your deck has been coated with a hard drying product "paint", we may need to stay with that system. We can accomidate that as well. Call for a free evaluation.

Pressure Washing & Painting Services

Repair & Replace